The Administrative Training & Welfare (Registration No. 1138/2017) Society was established in 22nd September 2017 under the provision of the Himachal Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2006 (Act No. 25 of 2006).

The main aim of this society is to provide trainings / seminars / conferences / workshops and to undertake research relating to public administration & educational purpose incidental thereto.

Section 1 Name of the Rule: Administrative Training & Welfare Society Rules & Regulations.n
Section 2. Implementation: With effect from 1st July 2018
Section 3. Jurisdiction: This rule applies to the Departments, branch offices of Central Tibetan Administration and autonomous Institutions.
Section 4. Organizing of workshops/trainings/meetings:

A. The concerned office shall inform the training centre in written atleast 20 days prior to its commencement.

B. The concerned office shall fill up the form without fail which was laid by the Training centre.

C. The concerned office must inform the training centre in advance regarding fooding , accommodation and other facilities.

D. In case of prepone/ postpone/ cancellation of training, the centre must be informed atleast 7 days in advance in written with reason.

E. The facility will be provided on the basis of application priority.

F. The autonomous institutions have to submit their applications for training booking through their concerned Departments.

G. The very centre must be used for the training/workshop and meeting purpose only.

Section 5. The training centre shall hand over the items/furniture inside rooms and halls to the concerned office before commencement of the training. If there is any damaged or missing of the items/furniture after training then the concerned office shall get it repaired or replaced.
Section 6. Without prior discussion with the Training Centre no offices are allowed to order food from outside
Section 7. Throwing of garbage & waste materials are not allowed
Section 8. Bringing along with pets are not permissible.
Section 9. The participants must reach on time as per time table of meals and taking of food and tea at rooms are strictly prohibited.
Section 10. Those offices with funds have to pay as per approved rates/rates quoted but in the case of those without funds, need to seek approval for concession from Executive(Kashag). And for those with approved concession from Executive, the Training Centre should not charge more than 20% of the room and hall rent as laid down by Executive( Kashag).
Section 11. The rates of food and refreshments will have to be prepared by Training Centre from time to time depending on local price of the commodities.
Section 12. If amendments are to be done with this rules and regulations, Kashag will do the necessary amendments with the concern of General Body members.