Aims and Objectives of the Society shall be as follow:-

  1. To provide training on general management and other related training and education courses/programmes, seminars/conference/workshops and public lectures/discussions for the sharing of knowledge between practitioners and academicians; engage in consultancy for the generation and application of knowledge.
  2. Promote and provide for the study of modern administration and Economic and Political Science with special reference to public administration and educational purpose incidental thereto.
  3. To undertake organize and facilitate study courses, conference and lecture and research in matter relation to public administration and machinery of public administration.
  4. To undertake, provide for the publication of journals of research papers and books to impart training in and promote the study of public administration.
  5. To establish and maintain libraries and information service to facilitate the public administration.
  6. To constitute or cause to be constitute Regional Branches at convenient centres to promote the objective of the societies.
  7. To cooperate with Government approved institutions and bodies both nationally and internationally for the purpose of helping public administration.
  8. To impart consultation/medical facility/other welfare related help to destitute.
  9. To receive Donations/ grants and acquire/purchase any moveable or immovable property from any government or individual in the name societies for the furtherance of its objectives in accordance with relevant laws.
  10. To receive funds from Corpus and non depletable corpus. Operation of society may be expended to receive fund from wider funding or venture institutions.
  11. To disseminate useful knowledge, Modern/Cultural/Traditional education, maintain computer rooms for use general among the members and trainees.
  12. Any other activity subservient to the aims and objectives of the society.