Financial Skill Training for the Settlement Office Accountants Begins

PSC Secretary, Mrs. Tsering Yangkyi addressing the Settlement Office Accountants at the Opening Ceremony of the workshop


By ATWS Staff Editor

ATWS Dharamsala, June 5, 2023: An eleven-day Financial skill Training organized by the Public Service Commission at Administrative Training and Welfare Society begins today. ATWS is facilitating the workshop with the venue facilities and services.

Around forty-one Accountants from various Settlement Offices across India and Nepal are attending this workshop in two batches with twenty-five new Accountants in the 1st batch which will be joined by the 2nd batch with sixteen old Accountants from the 10th of the same month.

An efficient Accountant is the fulcrum of an efficient administrative system. Therefore, this training is specially intended to enhance the financial skills of the existing Accountants for the execution of an efficient accounting system at these Settlement Offices for most of them were either locally or newly appointed by the CTA as a reliable source says.

The session was inaugurated with a butter lamp lighting by Secretary, Public Service Commission, CTA, Mrs. Tsering Yangkyi. The session was also presided over by Joint Secretary, Auditor General Office, Mr. Kunchok Wangdue, Under Secretary, Chief Accountant, Home Department, Mr. Tenzin Namkha, and Deputy Secretary, Finance Department, Mr. Kalsang Sichoe. Secretary, PSC, Mr. Tseing Yangkyi, in her keynote address, spoke about how important an accountant is for an efficient administration of an office as analogous to the role of a mother to a family. She sincerely urged the participants to participate and learn maximally from this workshop to bring fruition to all the contributions made so far by the funders, Organizers, and Facilitators. Further, she added that one must always bear in mind to work for the Tibetan cause while executing one’s day-to-day responsibility as we Tibetans came in exile to restore Tibetan Freedom and preserve Tibetan language and Culture if one respects His Holiness the Dalai Lama in a real sense.

In the coming days, preparation of basic financial accounts, Budgets, FD interest (accrued int/bank reconciliation, basic tally, creation of group and ledger, Transaction posting, construction(OAG), Income Tax, GST(OGA), Preparation of budget, matters related to the audit report, CTRC’s rules and regulations, FCRA Utilization, preparation of contract agreement and Project Proposal will be covered.

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L to R : Trainer Mr. Kunchok Wangdue, PSC Secretary Mrs.Tsering Yangkyi, Trainer Mr. Tenzin Namkha, Trainer Mr.Kalsang Sichoe

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