CTA Project Officers’ Training Commences in Dharamsala


PSC Chairman Mr. Wangdue Tsering la Pesur addressing the participants


By ATWS Staff Editor


ATWS Dharamsala, July 26, 2023: Around twenty-eight participants from various departments and offices in Dharamsala and other major Tibetan settlements are attending Project Officers’ Training organized by Public Service Commission, CTA which was inaugurated this morning at the Administrative Training and Welfare Society, Dharamsala. ATWS is facilitating all the venue services during the workshop.

 Public Service Commission Chairman Mr. Wangdue Tsering la Pesur, la presided over the workshop in the presence of other guests; Deputy Secretary Karma Thinley la, Trainers from NDI; Mr. Santosh Kumar Ji, and Ms. Kelsey Lewis la.

 CTA caters to the need of its exiled Tibetan community by implementing various donor-funded development projects. For this, CTA Project Officers must be well versed in the different aspects of project-related work like “effective grant writing” to seek donors at the outset. And this workshop is aimed to equip the concerned staff with the required skill sets to manage different donors with different project formats, and management systems as per information sourced from the department organizer.

 Chief Guest PSC Chairman Mr. Wangdue Tsering la delivered the keynote address on the relevance and significance of the workshop. He highlighted the importance of understanding the interdependent approach while rendering community services as per the need of exiled community situation, being a refugee community. Further, he stressed serving with a holistic view of the community welfare and sustenance of the Administration with a clear understanding of the needs through effective assessments. “Although the success of projects in CTA depends on multiple factors, staffs who are directly involved in projects have an important role to play. The concerned staff must have overall knowledge of the community and administration needs and be able to brief seniors on one’s observations to help design realistic need-based impactful projects. PSC, therefore, organized this workshop because the success of CTA’s work is highly dependent on the success of project management and we are hopeful to clarify your project-related doubts in the coming days” said the chairman. He then sincerely urged them to have at least a couple of vital takeaway points from this workshop to apply back in one’s day-to-day work for future improvement and advised them be mindful of work efficiency and productivity using innovative tools as the world today steps into Artificial Intelligence.

 PSC Deputy Secretary Karma Thinley la while introducing workshop content and the trainers, emphasized the importance of putting up systematic project proposals in alignment with the donor’s government systems and laws with a scientific rationale. He said “Projects becomes an indispensable part of CTA’s annual budgeting and this workshop is to avoid instances of CTA not getting donor due to lack of alignment of proposals with donor’s overarching program goals as happened in the past”

 In the coming days, Finance Department SARD team led by Joint Secretary Mr. Lobsang Tenzin la and NDI team comprising Mrs. Kelsey Lewis la, Mr. Palden Phuntsok la, and Mr. Santosh Kumar Ji will be leading the workshop on various topics like Project Need Assessment, Project Planning, Budgeting, Project Proposal Writing, Donor’s proposal formats, submission, Approval timing, Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Communication, Project Risk Management in different theory and practical sessions.

Opening Ceremony of the workshop


L-R: PSC Deputy Secretary Mr. Karma Thinley la,,NDI Trainer Mr.Santosh Kumar Ji, PSC Chairman Mr. Wangdue Tsering la, Pesur, NDI Trainer Mr. Kelsey Lewis la, and PSC Workshop Coordinator Ms.Sonam la.

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